CA Working Group Charter

Charter of the CA Working Group

This Working Group Charter has been created according to the “Working Groups” section of the Bylaws of the PKI Consortium (“PKIC”). In the event of a conflict between this Charter and any provision in either the Bylaws or the IPR Policy, the provision in the Bylaws or IPR Policy shall take precedence.

Summary of the Working Group

NameCertificate Authority
CommunicationPrivate mailing list, Virtual meetings
Meeting scheduleAd hoc
Membership eligibilityMembers of category A of the Bylaws
Voting structureAccording to the PKIC Bylaws
ExpirationThis Working Group is chartered indefinitely until it is dissolved
Members3Key Company, Ascertia, ComSign, DirectTrust, Entrust, Federal Public Key Infrastructure (FPKI), i4p informatics, Keyfactor, Logius,, TrustAsia, TrustSEC,
Participate in our community discussions and/or join the consortium