Categories description

For the evaluation of the maturity level of the category, the following formula is applied:

category maturity level = (r1w1 + r2w2 + r3w3 + ... + rnwn) / (w1 + w2 + w3 + ... + wn)


  • (r1,r2,r3,...,rn) represents category requirements
  • and (w1,w2,w3,...,wn) represents corresponding non-negative weights

Category description

Each category is described separately in the following sections. The description includes the following information that is used for the evaluation:

OverviewHigh-level description of the category, its purpose and applicability.
RequirementsOverview of the requirements that are applicable for the category together with weights. This serves as a quick overview of what should be assessed with references to details.
DetailsDetails about each requirement in consistent structure, containing guidance for the users how to assess the requirements and what is required to have.


The details are structured in the following way:

GuidanceGuidance on what is the purpose of the requirement, clarification of the requirement.
AssessmentDetails about how the assessment of the requirement should be performed. It may include samples of evidence that should be available.
ReferencesReferences to the requirements that may be applicable for the requirement.

List of categories

For the complete list of categories, see List of categories.

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