Sunnic is a member of the PKI Consortium (Public Key Infrastructure Consortium)

Sunnic is a member of the PKI Consortium

Sunnic is the leading provider of comprehensive digital data security technology, specializing in data protection, cryptography key management, PKI, and access control solutions, designed to safeguard our customers' most critical assets.

A secure cyberspace built on the foundation of trust

Sunnic is a leading provider of comprehensive digital data security technology. We build technologies and offer consultancy services in the fields of data protection, cryptographic key management, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and access control solutions, to safeguard our customers most critical assets. Our solutions include Sunnic’s homegrown E-Trust End-to-end Encryption. An innovative solution that provides a secure channel for user password authentication and during transmission, as well as data-at-rest and in-motion.


To create bespoke solutions tailored to safeguard your most valuable assets. Your security is our top priority. We we strive to deliver peace of mind an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Sun Zhenxin

Technical Director

Sun Zhenxin served in the industry over 15 years, and specializes in Information Security, Risk Management, Compliance, Data Protection, and Business Continuity. Currently, he serves as the Technical Director at Sunnic HQ and SunnicAsia, renowned for providing advanced security solutions to international banks. Mr. Sun leads the design and execution of Sunnic products, overseeing IT Security and Data Protection strategies for 70+ finance and government sectors globally. His dedication has secured prestigious clients, including major financial institutions, international corporations, and government agencies.

Luke Chung

Sales Director

Luke Chung, Sunnic’s Sales Director, brings a wealth of professional experience spanning over two decades, with a diverse background encompassing roles in Project Management, Sales, and Business Development within the IT and Cybersecurity sectors. Luke has a proven track record of not only driving substantial revenue growth, and successfully leading multimillion-dollar projects, but also a passion for building high-performing teams. Luke excels in fostering and nurturing vital B2B and B2C relationships, crafting pioneering business strategies, and delivering exceptional win-win outcomes that align seamlessly with customers’ diverse and evolving business

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