Sixscape Communications is a member of the PKI Consortium (Public Key Infrastructure Consortium)

Sixscape is a member of the PKI Consortium

Sixscape is dedicated to making Cryptographic Authentication and Secure Messaging Simple, to enable secure digital transformation, IoT deployment and allow 5G to be fully and securely exploited.

About Sixscape

Sixscape Communications is a Singapore based cryptographic authentication and communications vendor focused on digital certificate-based security across email, voice/video/chat communications, IoT and password-less authentication..

As the world embraces digital transformation, IoT, the need for password-less authentication and true end-to-end encryption of communication channels, security for digital identities and communications need to be taken to the next level. Leveraging patented automation of digital certificate request, retrieval and management in addition to new and complementary technology paradigms of 5G and IPv6, Sixscape secures all authentication and communication channels. Security for mail, chat, web, apps and audio/video in addition to redefined security for IoT nodes and traffic between is now delivered at-sale with security-at-scale.

Dean J. Bell

Chief Executive Officer

Dean is the CEO of Sixscape Communications and is responsible for driving growth and all strategic initiatives of the company. Prior to Sixscape, Dean spent the last 24 years setting up and growing the international presence for a number of US and European Cybersecurity companies, focusing on enterprise, government, and service provider markets. His background includes stints in the UK, Middle East, Australia and Singapore in general management and senior executive roles for both direct sales and channel-based go-to-market security vendors with successful exits with BorderWare Technologies, Scanit, BlueCat Networks. He represents Sixscape at the PKI Consortium.

Dean J. Bell is Chief Executive Officer at Sixscape Communications

Ram Kishore

Head of Research & Development

Ram Kishore is the Head of research and product development at Sixscape. Ram has served in the PKI industry for over 10 years and had worked as PKI Specialist and software developer for major public CA’s and security software product companies. He represents Sixscape at the PKI Consortium.

Ram Kishore is Head of Research & Development at Sixscape Communications

Chin Wee Tan

Director, Sales

Chin Wee heads up sales at Sixscape and is a specialist with specific domain based knowledge of PKI and CA sales for both direct and channel go to market. Extensive experience in international sales and business development in addition to building worldwide alliances with technology vendors. He represents Sixscape at the PKI Consortium.

Chin Wee Tan is Director, Sales at Sixscape Communications

Jian Sheng Lin (JS)

Technical Director

JS is Sixscape’s Technical Director and drives our partner and customer technical initiatives from solution design to pre and post-sales engagements, partner enablement and training. He brings to the table, significant domain knowledge from a number of years with Netrust and Gemalto working in PKI and encryption. He represents Sixscape at the PKI Consortium.

Jian Sheng Lin (JS) is Technical Director at Sixscape Communications
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