Entrust is a member of the PKI Consortium (Public Key Infrastructure Consortium)

Entrust is a member of the PKI Consortium

Entrust is dedicated to securing identities, data, and transactions around the globe

Securing a World in Motion Since 1969

At Entrust, we’ve established secure connections across the planet and even into outer space. We’ve enabled reliable debit and credit card purchases with our card printing and issuance technologies. Protected international travel with our border control solutions. Created secure experiences on the internet with our SSL technologies. And safeguarded networks and devices with our suite of authentication products.

Founding member

Back in 2013, Entrust was one of the seven CA’s who founded the CA Security Council. In 2021 Entrust played a key role to restructure and expand the scope of the council and changed the name to the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Consortium.

Bruce Morton

Director, Certificate Technology & Standards

Bruce Morton has a background in project management and systems integration. He currently serves as the CA operations manager at Entrust Certificate Services (ECS), where he promotes security, governance and risk management. Mr. Morton has been working in public key infrastructure (PKI) since 1996. He has worked with customers deploying PKI and has been overseeing operations of the ECS PKI since 2005. He was Entrust’s representative on the CA/Browser Forum for seven years and now supports projects within the IETF. Mr. Morton monitors the SSL industry and provides insight into digital certificates through the Entrust Insights blog. Mr. Morton is a graduate of University of Waterloo, where he received an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in business administration from Concordia University.

Bruce Morton is Director, Certificate Technology & Standards at Entrust

Chris Bailey

VP of Strategy and Business Development – Certificate Services

Chris Bailey is Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Entrust, a global leader in the identity-based digital information security market for nearly two decades. Previously Bailey was the General Manager of Trend Micro SSL and Business Incubation for Trend Micro SSL, which was purchased Entrust. Before that, Bailey served as the CEO and co-founder of the certification authority AffirmTrust, which was acquired by Trend Micro in 2011, and as co-founder and CTO of GeoTrust, a major world Certification Authority acquired by VeriSign in 2006.

Chris Bailey is VP of Strategy and Business Development – Certificate Services at Entrust

Paul van Brouwershaven

Director, Technology Compliance

Paul van Brouwershaven is Director of Technology Compliance for Entrust’s certification authority, Chair of the PKI Consortium and Vice Chair of the CA/Browser Forum. Paul served in the industry for over twenty years and is an active member of industry standards and regulatory groups such as ETSI. Paul has been actively promoting public awareness for internet security and industry best practices prior to the widespread move to adopt security by default.

Paul van Brouwershaven is Director, Technology Compliance at Entrust

Kirk Hall

Director, Policy & Compliance

Kirk Hall is Director of Policy and Compliance - SSL at Entrust. Hall’s responsibilities include work on Entrust SSL’s digital certificate policy and compliance operations as well as regulatory and audit matters. He previously served in similar roles at GeoTrust and Trend Micro, and was a co-founder of certification authority AffirmTrust, which was acquired by Entrust in 2016. Hall holds an A.B. degree from Harvard College, a Master’s degree in economics and resource use from Yale University, and a J.D. degree from Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College.

Kirk Hall is Director, Policy & Compliance at Entrust
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