D-Trust is a member of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Consortium

D-Trust is a member of the PKI Consortium

Berlin-based D-TRUST is a member of the Bundesdruckerei Group. D-TRUST is a pioneer in secure digital identities, delivering technologically mature solutions.

About D-Trust

Trust is a decisive factor for communication in the digital world and when transmitting sensitive data. As an independent and certified trust service provider, D-TRUST has been listed with the Federal Network Agency under the eIDAS Regulation since 2016. As a member of the Bundesdruckerei Group, the D-TRUST provides legally compliant and certified trust services that include digital certificates and electronic signatures. These services meet the highest security standards of modern infrastructures and enable secure digital identities for companies, public authorities and private individuals.

You can rely on us as a trust service provider – with no ifs and buts.
Fair conduct is our maxim. That’s because we are keen to establish sustainable business relationships and with our high-quality service, we can offer our customers what they really need.

Dr. Kim Nguyen (CEO), Dr. Martin Riegel (CEO)

Our solutions

D-TRUST develops specific solutions for secure digital identities. These include qualified certificates for electronic signatures, ID cards for health professionals and medical facilities, seals, PKI products, certificates such as PSD2 or TSE, and services like the AusweisIDent service. This strengthens confidence in digitalization and fosters social and economic innovation.

Enrico Entschew

Senior Technical Product Manager PKI

Enrico Entschew is Senior Technical Product Manager PKI at D-TRUST and represents the organization at the PKI Consortium.

Enrico Entschew is Senior Technical Product Manager PKI at D-Trust
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