DirectTrust is a member of the PKI Consortium (Public Key Infrastructure Consortium)

DirectTrust is a member of the PKI Consortium

A pioneer in offering technical trust and confidence in the secure exchange of health information, DirectTrust is committed to collaboration for advancing secure communication. As a non-profit trade alliance, DirectTrust operates not only as a membership organization, but also as an ANSI-accredited standards body, a trust framework supported by policy, and an accreditor for reliable and trusted exchange across the DirectTrust network.

DirectTrust is a healthcare focused non-profit membership organization (a 501c-6), a trust framework and a standards development organization. Our accredited members are issuers of credentials and operators of one of the largest healthcare information exchange networks in the US with over 2.7 million identity proofed endpoints at over 260,000 healthcare organizations and their affiliates. Healthcare information exchange, secure document signing and submission and general content commitment use-cases are within our scope.

The organization is a recent marriage of two PKI based trust frameworks - SAFE Identity (originally SAFE BioPharma) and DirectTrust. Both are dedicated to enhancing the health of populations through secure, identity assured connections between healthcare trading partners protected by PKI. We maintain the policies of our trust framework through an open, transparent, consensus driven process with representation from issuers, service providers and relying parties.

DirectTrust Identity has applicability to healthcare in the US and in the EU through the operation of a bridge CA cross-certified with the US FPKI Federal Bridge and through credentials recognized as trusted by the European Medicines Agency.

We advocate for the use of healthcare exchange standards like the Direct Standard™ and for the use of strong PKI based credentials with industry and US Federal agencies.

Scott Stuewe

President and CEO

Scott Stuewe is a 25+ year veteran of the healthcare information technology industry. As President and CEO of DirectTrust, Scott drives visibility and utilization of the Direct Standard™ to contribute to nationwide interoperability. Under his tenure, the organization achieved the landmark milestone of two billion Direct Secure Messages sent and received over the DirectTrust Network. Previously, Stuewe was Director of Strategy and Interoperability at DataFile Technologies, a health information management company, and served more than 24 years at Cerner, including as Cerner Network’s Director of National Interoperability Strategy, where he drove participation in the CommonWell Health Alliance and the bridge with Carequality.

Scott Stuewe is President and CEO at DirectTrust

Kyle Neuman

Director, Trust Framework Development

Kyle Neuman actively develops new and existing technical standards on public-key cryptography, blockchain cryptography, key management, and multi-factor authentication for both government and private sectors. His passion for cryptography lies within the vision of the future and enabling trusted digital identity between geographical regions and political regimes for the benefit of humanity as we transcend into an increasingly digital way of life.

Kyle Neuman is Director, Trust Framework Development at DirectTrust
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