CREAPLUS is a member of the PKI Consortium (Public Key Infrastructure Consortium)

CREAplus is a member of the PKI Consortium

CREAPLUS is dedicated to achieving a high level of cybersecurity for its customers and partners. Established in 2002 it helps organisations prepare for the cyber challenges of today and tomorrow. It offers a wide range of solutions and services that enable and ensure secure electronic business processes.

CREAplus aims to fill the gap in the cybersecurity market, securing data assets, and digital identity against unauthorized access, cyber-attacks and hacking through modern solutions and comprehensive services. For post-quantum cryptography (PQC), it has expertise in evaluating cryptographic solutions deployed in organisations and across multiple systems. Alongside the expertise of its cryptographers, CREAplus can identify the scope of the existing cryptographic deployment in an organization, provide algorithm selection guidance together with hardware and software recommendations and use crypto-agility to implement it in your environment.

Nastja Cepak

Lead Cryptographer

Nastja is lead cryptographer in CREAPLUS and is active in these fields:

  • Consulting on implementation of new cryptography and blockchain algorithms (determining technical requirements, ECC requirements, presenting how the algorithm works, assisting with testing)
  • Leader of PQC consultation team
  • Certified technical trainer (delivering Utimaco HSM and ESKM trainings)
  • Working with HSMs (assisting with technical support, determining key migration requirements, cooperating with HSM specialists, assisting with firmware upgrades,…)
  • Assisting with setting up PKI infrastructure (preparing key ceremony steps, presenting inner (mathematical) workings of PKI,…)
  • Delivering presentations for general IT public about cryptography, blockchain, PKI, PQC.

Nastja Cepak is Lead Cryptographer at CREAPLUS

Mitja Trampuz

Managing director

Mitja is managing director of CREAPLUS and business development professional skilled in the information security technology (cybersecurity, hardware security modules - HSMs, cryptography, PKI, network security, 2FA/MFA, ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS, risk management, encryption etc.) with more than 30 years of working experience. He is a holder of different certifications like (ISC)²’s Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP and Certified Cloud Security Professional – CCSP, ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor – CISA and Certified Information Security Manager – CISM, Internal Auditor for ISO/IEC 27001 and others.

Mitja Trampuz is Managing director at CREAPLUS
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