Cleverbase is a member of the PKI Consortium (Public Key Infrastructure Consortium)

Cleverbase is a member of the PKI Consortium

Cleverbase offers a mobile app which, after a one-time registration, you can use to place qualified electronic signatures on documents, and exchange these securely.

About Cleverbase

As QTSP, Cleverbase is licensed to issue PKI certificates within the Public Key Infrastructure of the Dutch government. This means our products and services comply with the strictest security standards. With our products, you can log in, exchange information and sign documents on the highest eIDAS security level. Our team has a lot of expertise and experience with highly reliable information systems. We always do our utmost to keep these user-friendly and future-proof, and continually extend our services to enable you to arrange more and more formalities easily and entirely online. At Cleverbase, we believe in a trustworthy and secure digital society. Where everyone and every organisation can participate in a human-centered way. A society where everyone is in control of their own personal data.

We are proud of our professionals, who work hard to achieve our ambitions in an emerging and quickly changing market.

Niels Schoumans

Security Officer

Niels Schoumans is the Security Officer at Cleverbase and represents the organization at the PKI Consortium.

Niels Schoumans is Security Officer at Cleverbase
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