ANF Autoridad de Certificación is a member of the PKI Consortium (Public Key Infrastructure Consortium)

ANF Autoridad de Certificación (ANF AC) is a member of the PKI Consortium

Focused on actively contributing to the progress of society and improving the competitiveness of our customers, all of our products and solutions have been developed by our own engineering team, based in PKI technology.

With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we are the first Qualified Trust Service Provider in Europe, which has managed to have all of the Qualified Trust Services accredited. We offer cutting-edge technology services to achieve full legal effectiveness in electronic processes.

Much more than a technology company

ANF AC is a private company that has grown from its results. This has allowed us to remain independent and in debt only to the client, to whom we always offer our best version and accompany us, to achieve full legal effectiveness and security in all their electronic processes.

We have international experience, which is translated into subsidiaries in LATAM, international interoperability agreements and the provision of our services worldwide.

Focused on what matters.

We are software manufacturers. Our products, services and solutions, based on PKI technology and Qualified Trust Services, are designed to bring the latest generation technology closer to society, which allows its complete digitization in an understandable and friendly way.

As a result of our continuous investment in R + D + i, we have unique components in the market and other accreditations such as the Certification Entity of Data Protection Delegates (RGPD) and issuance of PSD2 certificates for Banking and Fintech.

Pablo Díaz

IT Manager & Product Manager PKI

Pablo Díaz is the IT Manager and Product Manager PKI at ANF AC and represents the organization at the PKI Consortium.

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