Join the PKI Consortium

We welcome all organizations that are eligible to join the PKI Consortium. This includes certificate authorities, regulators, standard and supervisory bodies, software vendors, integrators, etc. If you are not eligible to join the PKI Consortium but are willing and capable of providing valuables contributions, please contact us.


Organizations are eligible to join the PKI Consortium upon either of the following conditions:

  • (a) They are CA Members (Certificate Issuer Members) of the CA/Browser Forum (CABF), or;
  • (b) They are included on the eIDAS Trusted List, or;
  • (c) They are relevant and recognized supervisory bodies or regulators, or;
  • (d) They provide PKI based services (e.g., consultancy, support, solutions);
  • (e) They built PKI related products.

Terms and Conditions

You agree with and follow the Bylaws at all times, including the Antitrust Policy and Code of Conduct, in all dealings with the PKI Consortium and its members. To report an issue or concern under the Code of Conduct, contact feedback (at)

  • You get access to member-only meetings and mailing lists.
  • You may apply to join topic or member type specific working groups.
  • You may create a member profile on the website.
  • The consortium may use your name and/or company’s logo, trademark or service mark to identify you and/or your company as a PKI Consortium member. All other uses are subject to your express prior written authorization.
  • You may use the PKI Consortium name and logo solely to the extent necessary to promote your or your membership or your company’s membership in the consortium. All other uses are subject to express prior written authorization.
  • You consider (but are not required) to become a sponsor.

Process for Admitting New Members

All membership applications must be approved by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of then-existing PKIC members. Voting on a membership application by each member shall be based solely on a determination by the member of whether or not the applicant meets the stated membership criteria, and not on any other basis including competitive considerations.

Membership Application

Organization type
Members are not required to be present at every meeting or participate in all activities but we appreciate active members
We would like to get to know our new members. Would you want to present your organization and how or on what topics you will be participating in the consortium?
We have no membership fees but we hope you want to consider sponsoring the consortium as we rely on sponsors and donations.

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