PKI Consortium Unveils the first PKI Maturity Model for feedback

Thursday August 10, 2023

The model promises comprehensive assessment, benchmarking, and optimization of PKI implementations

The PKI Consortium, a dynamic alliance dedicated to enhancing trust and security within the digital landscape, proudly announces the preview release of its pioneering PKI Maturity Model. A collaborative effort by the PKI Maturity Model Working Group, this model will revolutionize the way organizations can plan, evaluate, and compare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementations.

The PKI Maturity Model draws inspiration from the renowned Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) developed by Carnegie Mellon University. It provides organizations with the tools to:

  • Gain swift insight into the current capabilities and performance of their PKI
  • Facilitate confidential benchmarking against similar entities, based on size or industry
  • Receive actionable guidance to enhance PKI capabilities
  • Elevate overall PKI performance

The model introduces a comprehensive five-level framework, enabling organizations to gauge their PKI maturity and associated risks. These levels, from Initial to Optimized, reflect evolving capabilities and proactive strategies.

Structured into four Modules and fifteen Categories that encompass aspects of PKI spanning people, processes, and technology, the PKI Maturity Model offers a comprehensive approach to assessment. The overall maturity level is determined by the collective maturity of these categories.

To facilitate the assessment process, the model comes with a user-friendly Excel-based tool that seamlessly navigates assessors through the evaluation journey and automatically generates detailed reports based on provided inputs.

We are thrilled to unveil the PKI Maturity Model. This monumental advancement empowers organizations to transform their PKI implementations, optimize operations, and elevate their security posture

Roman Cinkais, Chair of the PKI Maturity Model Working Group

Feedback from users during this preview phase will be instrumental to refine the model’s final version. Stakeholders from diverse industries are invited to explore the innovative tool, share valuable insights through the dedicated feedback form, and actively participate in community discussions that are shaping the future of PKI implementation before its official release.

For more information about the PKI Maturity Model and to access the preview release, visit

About the PKI Consortium:

The PKI Consortium is a dynamic collaboration of organizations committed to advancing trust and security through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). By fostering innovation, best practices, and standards, the consortium empowers entities to strengthen digital interactions and secure the internet for all.

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Paul van Brouwershaven (Entrust)

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