A successful first Post-Quantum Cryptography Conference

Tuesday March 7, 2023

The PKI Consortium recently held its first Post-Quantum Cryptography conference, which attracted a thousand registrations. With a hundred attendees onsite and over six hundred attendees watching the live stream, it was a resounding success.

The hybrid conference, which was held on Friday March 3, in Ottawa, Canada brought together experts and others interested in the field of post-quantum cryptography to discuss the status of standardization, challenges, and developments. Participants attended from all over the world, including academic researchers, industry leaders, and government officials.

The conference featured a diverse range of presentations and panel discussions on many of the toughest aspects of post-quantum cryptography, including algorithms, implementation, performance, and migration. Presenters shared their latest findings and insights, and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in lively discussions.

One of the highlights of the conference was the status report on Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization by Rene Peralta - Scientist with the Computer Security Division at NIST. In his presentation, he shared the current state of the process on selecting new, quantum-resistant, algorithms for public-key cryptography.

Throughout the event, attendees also had the opportunity to network and connect with fellow professionals in the field. The conference provided many opportunities for informal conversations and discussions, allowing attendees to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and forge new collaborations.

Overall, this first Post-Quantum Cryptography conference of the PKI Consortium was viewed as a major success, and we are pleased to announce there will be a follow-up event in Europe after the summer of this year. Further details will follow.

If you are interested in speaking at our next conference, please submit a proposal to our call for presentation at: https://pkic.org/call

The slides and recordings of the conference can be found at: https://pkic.org/events/2023/post-quantum-cryptography-conference/

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