Sharing information on Post-Quantum Cryptography Capabilities

Thursday January 26, 2023

PQC Capabilities Matrix (PQCCM)

The PKI Consortium is actively working to promote the adoption of Post-Quantum Cryptography, and the capabilities matrix is a key part of that effort. Therefore, the PKI Consortium is managing a PQC Capabilities Matrix of software applications, libraries and hardware that includes support for Post-Quantum Cryptography, without claiming completeness of the list or endorsing the entrant’s implementation or quality.

The list includes a wide variety of software applications, libraries, and hardware from different vendors. Due to the rapid change in this area, and capabilities changing from week to week, the list should be considered a living document and function as a starting point. Complete freshness of information can only be gathered from vendors directly.

PQC Capabilities Matrix at January 26, 2023 (please check the link for a current version)

What it’s doing

The PQCCM is used to collect, aggregate, and share information on PQC capabilities across the cybersecurity landscape (vendors, software, hardware, etc.).

What it doesn’t do

The PKI Consortium does not review contributions, give any guarantees on the accuracy or quality of this matrix or its entries, and explicitly does not:

  • review, vet, verify or test implementations or their interoperability
  • source code review, formal review of algorithms, etc.
  • provide information, documentation, or any recommended usage


We encourage everyone (including non-members) to participate in our PQC Capabilities Matrix project. Contributions can be of any size, such as simply creating an issue to make us aware of a specific implementation or vendor. Adding detailed information about an implementation, standard or by financially sponsoring our activities would be greatly appreciated.

Join the discussion

If you are interested in joining the discussion, please consider attending our hybrid Post-Quantum Cryptography Conference on Friday March 3 in Ottawa (in-person and remote participation possible).

We also welcome you to join the PKI Consortium and to start or participate in a topic in our community discussions.

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