You are invited to participate in the PKI Consortium’s first Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) conference

Wednesday November 30, 2022

The PKI Consortium is pleased to announce its first Post-Quantum Cryptography Conference, to be held in Ottawa and Online on Friday March 3, 2023

This conference will bring together experts from academia, industry, enterprise, and government to explore the latest developments in Post-Quantum Cryptography. The conference is not limited to the members of the PKI Consortium and is open to anyone interested in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), cryptography and quantum computing.

Speakers at this conference include some of the world’s top Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) experts and come from government science agencies, standards bodies, and private organizations at the forefront of this new challenge to digital security. Topics will cover the status of PQC standardization at NIST, ETSI, and IETF, government preparations, migration strategies, etc.

We invite industry professionals, researchers, policy makers, and everyone else working with PKI to join us in Ottawa to discuss the latest advances in Post-Quantum Cryptography. Please visit our information page for more information on registration and the conference schedule. We look forward to seeing you there!

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The conference will take place at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and will be streamed for remote attendees and participants.

Both in-person and remote participants are required to register to attend this conference.

We encourage in-person participation wherever possible but remember that in-person registration may be limited based on room size.

A limited number of rooms at the conference location are available at a conference discount. A reservation link will be provided after registration.

No PQC products or services will be promoted at this conference.

For more information on this conference, contact the PKI Consortium at [email protected]

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