Google to Give Priority Ranking to SSL Enabled Sites

Thursday August 21, 2014

Google’s announcement that it will give priority ranking to SSL enabled sites is a key milestone for increased use of SSL on the Internet.

Google announced a change to its ranking algorithm to include use of SSL on the site as a “very lightweight [positive] signal”. Although, this might not have an immediate impact to website owners/operators that are not currently using SSL, this is still an important signal indicating everyone should be prepared to encrypt all their websites if they want to remain relevant.

Google had stated its intentions at its IO 2014 conference on HTTPS Everywhere, stating that all sites should use SSL because it provides:

  • Authentication: Information on whom am I talking to
  • Data Integrity: Information on whether anyone has tampered with site data
  • Encryption: Assurance that no one else can see my conversation

Now that Google has put its weight behind these SSL benefits, this algorithm change is likely only the first step in a series of steps to promote HTTPS Everywhere. We at the CA Security Council think it’s a good start.

This article was originally published by the "CA Security Council". In 2021 the CASC was restructred and renamed to the "Public Key Infrastructure Consortium" shortly "PKI Consortium".

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