CAs Unite

Thursday February 14, 2013

Today marks an important day for internet security and future SSL enhancements, as the world’s seven largest publicly trusted Certificate Authorities are announcing the formation of the Certificate Authority Security Council.

While leading CAs have worked together for years to address security challenges and meet them with evolving and increasingly strict standards and best practices through the CA/Browser Forum and other industry venues, we’ve lacked a union where we can come together and speak with a unified CA voice.

The CASC will do just that. While not a standards-setting organization, we’re committed to supplementing standards-setting organizations by providing education, research, and advocacy on the best practices and use of SSL. This means that we will also actively promote new and proposed standards and practical enhancements to the SSL ecosystem that we think will help protect everyone.

While CAs can do more to improve SSL security, we can’t do it alone. Browsers, software vendors, web server administrators, even end users can contribute by getting educated about the key factors and working together to value security.

We’re looking forward to working with our colleagues on the council to further raise awareness of the technologies we use, to advocate and develop SSL best practices and to ultimately increase the level of benefit we provide to site owners and their customers (including helping end-users better understand SSL and stay safe). We’ve got some great materials under preparation for release in the coming weeks and we look forward to this site becoming a well-used resource.

To find out more about the CASC announcement, visit:

Robin Alden – CTO – Comodo CA Ltd.

This article was originally published by the "CA Security Council". In 2021 the CASC was restructred and renamed to the "Public Key Infrastructure Consortium" shortly "PKI Consortium".

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