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The PKI Consortium is comprised of leading organizations that are committed to improve, create and collaborate on generic, industry or use-case specific policies, procedures, best practices, standards and tools that advance trust in assets and communication for everyone and everything using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as well as the security of the internet in general. By engaging with users, regulators, supervisory bodies and other interested or relying parties the consortium can address actual issues. [learn more…]

Public Key Infrastructure

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) defines the foundation for most modern security systems and provides Confidentiality, Integrity, Authenticity and Non-repudiation. It relies on public key cryptography, a universally accepted asymmetric technology that enables entities to securely communicate using an insecure transport or media, reliably link the data to the signatory and protects the integrity of the data while proving guarantees about the existence of the data at the time of signature creation.

Second Post-Quantum Cryptography Conference: Register now to join us in Amsterdam or Online!
August 31, 2023 by Paul van Brouwershaven (Entrust) Conference Post-Quantum Cryptography PQC
Join us on November 7 and 8, either in-person at the Meervaart in Amsterdam or remotely online. Explore the forefront of Post-Quantum Cryptography with renowned speakers from NIST, ENISA, BSI, and more. Registration is free and open to all, not limited to PKI Consortium members.

Introducing first PKI Maturity Model (PKIMM)
August 10, 2023 by Roman Cinkais (3Key Company) Maturity model PKIMM
The PKI Consortium publishes initial draft of the PKI maturity model with related resources to help the industry build mature and future proof PKI including guidelines on how to evaluate the assessment and provide reporting to relying parties. The PKI maturity model is recognized as a standard for evaluation, planning, and comparison between different PKI implementations. In this blog post we are going to introduce the model.

PKI Consortium Unveils the first PKI Maturity Model for feedback
August 10, 2023 by Paul van Brouwershaven (Entrust) Maturity model PKIMM Press Release
The PKI Consortium, a dynamic alliance dedicated to enhancing trust and security within the digital landscape, proudly announces the preview release of its pioneering PKI Maturity Model. A collaborative effort by the PKI Maturity Model Working Group, this model will revolutionize the way organizations can plan, evaluate, and compare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementations.

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